18th May 2016

2011 Consultative Conference on Change Ringing for the Future

Initiated by the Education Committee of the Central Council, this national consultative conference was held on Saturday 12 November 2011 at Wellesbourne, Warwickshire to gather a wide range of varied, possibly controversial, ideas with a view to formulating a set of recommendations for consideration and action by the Central Council.

A particular focus was how to attract and retain many more young people to ringing, and the intention was to encourage as many young ringers as possible to contribute to the discussion.

The conference was open to anyone who is passionate about the future of the Exercise, especially those who have an active interest in teaching ringing, to express their views about the long-term prospects for change ringing. So although the organisers and participants included several eminent “movers and shakers” from across the ringing spectrum, this was an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the debate about the way forward for The Exercise.

All organisations affiliated to the Central Council were asked to be represented and, if possible, to sponsor two young delegates to come to the conference to join the Youth Forum.

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