18th May 2016

2020 VISION – Change Ringing for the Future

Representatives’ Summary

The attached 2012 Background Paper was prepared to encapsulate actions proposed as a result of the Conference on Ringing Futures held at Wellesbourne in November 2011. During the 2012 Council meeting Members were requested to endorse the principles of the planned work by the Council and its Committees and togive their support at the local level.

Key Targets

Recruitment and Training Forum established and remits agreed Autumn 2012
ITTS administrator in position Late 2012
Report on branding for the ringing exercise December 2012
Affiliated Societies report to the Council on their review of youth activities and proposals for expanding recruitment and training June 2013
Initial report of research into targeting of recruitment June 2013
Recruitment and Training Forum to report to the Council with recommendations for structural changes June 2013
A total of 200 ITTS instructors accredited and at least 500 additional young ringers being trained per annum 2015

Actions by the Central Council

  • Establish a Recruitment and Training Forum to:
    • coordinate the work of the relevant Council Committees and associated bodies, including the Ringing Foundation and the Association of Ringing Teachers;
    • look at the current structure and report to the Council with proposals for changes to improve its effectiveness;
    • commission research at National level into the requirement for new ringers; the most effective methods of recruitment; and identify those groups in the community which should be targeted.
  • Develop recognisable branding to enhace the perception of ringing in the community and particularly amongst young persons.
  • Adopt the Integrated Teacher Training Scheme (ITTS) programme as the recommended scheme for training new instructors, for which adequate funding will be sought and manpower provided.
  • Encourage membership of the Association of Ringing Teachers.

Actions by each Affiliated Society

  • Review the existence of, or develop proposals for youth groups and youth activities, and identify the responsible officers.
  • Review existing centres of teaching and draw up proposals for expanding the recruitment and training of new ringers, particularly young people.
  • Confirm the extent of support which the Society and its members are prepared to give to these initiatives in terms of manpower and funding, and advise what support and funding is expected from the Council and the Ringing Foundation.
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